Topi-CLICK® In the National Spotlight

  • My pharmacy fills thousands of prescriptions in Topi-CLICK dispensers each month and our patients absolutely love them.

    CPhT Sharon Steen, Santa Monica California

  • Patients love the NEW Topi-CLICK Micro®. We have had nothing but compliments since switching from syringes.

    Chris Cooper, St Rogers AR

  • The Topi-CLICK® Perl™ eliminates the steps of putting the cream in a tube, weighing the cream, and sealing the tubes. This makes our work more efficient, saving technicians’ time.

    Lucia McEntee, Houston TX

  • There is no confusion. Two clicks . . . and then I am done for the day.

    Robin McGraw, wife of Dr. Phil McGraw

  • I have used syringes and pens but I have encountered problems with those devices. I always carefully fill the Topi-CLICKs and send them out with directions. I can’t remember the last time I had a problem with a Topi-CLICK. A patient doesn’t have to check the markings, either. Only CLICK the amount needed.

    Ana Anglada, Brooklyn NY

  • The medications have been easier to administer with the Topi-CLICK Micro®. Patients don’t have to look at the lines of the syringes anything, and they have been easier to teach people who are pet sitting.

    Debra Edler, Overland Park KS

  • Topi-CLICK is smart-looking and easy to use. Our customers tell us they never want to go back to the old way of measuring a dose.

    Pharmacist Mark Burger, Windsor CA

  • We Use Topi-CLICK products to ensure patients get the accurate dosing their physicians request. The dispensers are attractive, reliable, and accurate. Being able to provide a variety of dosing options is an asset for our compounding pharmacy.

    CPhT Kimberly Jones, Carlisle PA

  • Our customers love Topi-CLICK. Getting the proper dose is as simple as counting ‘clicks.’ We recently had one customer purchase an extra Topi-CLICK so she could show her friend how easy it is to use.

    Pharmacist Charlotte Tibbetts, Hickory, N.C.

  • The time & easiness of loading Topi-CLICK Micro® was a definite selling point and the feedback has all been positive. People like that they don’t have to deal with numerous 1mL syringes and leakage.

    CPhT Nessa B. Denham

  • We find that because of the ease of use patient compliance is usually much better than with conventional pills.

    Pharmacist Marjan Yermian

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  • Topical Dosing Applicators included in your sample kit:
    [1] Topi-CLICK® Micro™ in sample tube
    (Includes applicator tip samples of 3 available applicator styles - Soft Angled Applicator™, Pin Point Applicator™, Rounded Applicator™)
    [1] Topi-CLICK® Perl Vaginal Dosing Kit in organza bag
    [1] Blue Topi-CLICK® 35, with hand lotion
    [1] Pink Topi-CLICK® 35, empty
    [1] White Topi-CLICK® 140, empty [1] White Topi-CLICK® 35 DoseCheck, empty

    Filling Accessories
    [1] Topi-CLICK® Micro™ EMP Jar Quick Fill Adaptor
    [1] Small Filling Nozzle for Topi-Filler™ Filling Station
    [1] Large Filling Nozzle for Topi-Filler™ Filling Station
    [1] Tap-n-CLICK™ Multipurpose Silicone Pad

    Collateral Material
    [1] DoseLogix product brochure
    [1] DoseLogix order form
    [1] Topi-CLICK® Micro™ patient educational insert
    [1] Topi-CLICK® Micro™ Filling Instructions included in Micro™ sample tube
    [1] Topi Patient Tip Sheet™ (for Topi-CLICK® 35, Topi-CLICK® 140, Topi-CLICK® 3Port)
    [1] Topi-CLICK® Micro™ Patient Tip Sheet™
    [1]Topi-CLICK® 35 Vet Educational Insert
    [1] Topi-CLICK® Perl™ Patient Tip Sheet
    [1] ARL Independent Dispenser Accuracy Study
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