Topi-CLICK® 35 Light SAFE™


Description: Topi-CLICK® 35 Light SAFE™ is USP compliant to USP671 (250nm to 450nm) and blocks UVA, UVB, and Violet Light

Topi-CLICK® 35 Light SAFE™ is a smart, effective topical dosing applicator designed to overcome the various limitations associated with pumps, syringes, tubes, tubs and jars. The Topi-CLICK® 35 Light SAFE™ can be used to dispense approximately 5 mL to 35 mL of a topical preparation depending on the volume to weight ratio of base and formula used.
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Topi-CLICK® 35 Light SAFE™

Dispenser Volume: Up to 37 mL
Delivery Volume: Up to 34 mL
Dispense per CLICK: 0.25 mL
Approximate Residual: 2.5 mL
Approximate Priming: 0.50 mL or 2 CLICKs
Doses Provided: When filling with 35 mL, the Topi-CLICK® 35 Light SAFE™ will provide approximately 32 mL or 64 doses (at 2 CLICKs per dose or 128 CLICKs total).
Quantity: 25 / pack
List Price: $106.25 / pack


Additional Information

Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions4.5 x 4.5 x 2 in

Orange Cap & Base, White Cap & Base

Package Size

25 / pack