Topi-CLICK® 140


Topi-CLICK Volume: 140 mL
Dispense Volume: 0.50 mL/CLICK
Quantity: 10 / Bag
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Topi-CLICK® 140 – The Pain Pump Alternative™
Designed for Pain Management, Wound Care, HRT, Scar Care and more

Dispenser Volume: Up to 140 mL
Delivery Volume: 120 mL – 130 mL
Dispense/CLICK: 0.50 mL
Approx. Residual: 4 mL
Approx. Priming: 0.5 mL or 1 CLICK

The Topi-CLICK® 140 is an innovative, new dosing device that overcomes the various limitations associated with pumps, syringes, tubes, tubs, and jars. Topi-CLICK brand metered-dosing applicators make it easy to accurately measure the dose and apply topical medications to the intended area, decreasing the risk of errors while improving compliance. The Topi-CLICK® 140 offers the same great dosing benefits as the Topi-CLICK® 35 but with 4X the volume at 140 mLs. The friction-free 4Port™ domed applicator allows dispensing larger accurate dosing doses (0.5 mL/CLICK) with ease.tc140pink_300x300


Topi-CLICK® 2nd Generation CLICK Technology

ScreenHunter_294 Jan. 21 22.42CLICK-Assist™ Feedback
The CLICK-Assist Patient Feedback System is the next step in automated CLICK-Dose™ Technology designed to improve patient compliance and therapy outcomes. A proprietary Super-CLICKer™ mechanism is at the heart of this 2nd generation dosing system. This innovation provides stronger audible CLICKs, heavier tactile dosing sensations and improved visual indicators.
Ergonomic Design
A friction-free domed applicator pad with an ergonomic dispensing design, provides greater comfort when applying medication (0.50 mL/CLICK) directly to specific therapy zones. All Topi-CLICK® patient-friendly devices reduce the risk of cross-contamination since no medication comes in contact with the hands during application. Elegantly designed and easy to operate, Topi-CLICK® applicators rest comfortably in the hand and provide a repeatable and accurate dose each time.


ScreenHunter_620 Apr. 23 12.55Enhanced Visual Indicators
The new Topi-CLICK® 35 comes wrapped in a textured polypropylene skin and incorporates several visual guides for better therapy experiences and outcomes.The only device with a [REFILL-Badge™], Topi-CLICK has doubled the size of the original for even better refill awareness and guidance.A polished indicator window provides a full length view of the medication level for easy volume identification.Additionally, the Super-CLICKer™ base has built-in alignment markers for visual confirmation of the CLICKer alignment so patient knows the device is in the proper position for dosing consistency.All new next generation Topi-CLICK® dispensers come with a recycle code molded on the base for easy recycling information.Patient friendly Topi-CLICK® brand automated syringes provide the most visual guidance available to to the patient.


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Weight2.0 lbs
Dimensions8 x 8 x 8 in

Green, Purple, Red, Silver, Blue, Pink, Black, White, Gold

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10 / bag