Topi-CLICK® In the National Spotlight

  • Topi-CLICK is smart-looking and easy to use. Our customers tell us they never want to go back to the old way of measuring a dose.

    Pharmacist Mark Burger, Windsor, Calif.

  • My pharmacy fills thousands of prescriptions in Topi-CLICK dispensers each month and our patients absolutely love them.

    CPhT Sharon Steen, Santa Monica California

  • We find that because of the ease of use patient compliance is usually much better than with conventional pills.

    Pharmacist Marjan Yermian

  • There is no confusion. Two clicks . . . and then I am done for the day.

    Robin McGraw, wife of Dr. Phil McGraw

  • Our customers love Topi-CLICK. Getting the proper dose is as simple as counting ‘clicks.’ We recently had one customer purchase an extra Topi-CLICK so she could show her friend how easy it is to use.

    Pharmacist Charlotte Tibbetts, Hickory, N.C.

  • The time & easiness of loading Topi-CLICK® Micro™ was a definite selling point and the feedback has all been positive. People like that they don’t have to deal with numerous 1mL syringes and leakage.

    CPhT Nessa B. Denham

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The DoseLogix Way
A commitment to innovation and excellence…

Topi-CLICK® by DoseLogix manufactures topical metered dosing dispensers that are accurate, easy-to-use and reliable. Since launching the revolutionary topical applicator, Topi-CLICK® in 2007, DoseLogix has continued to be a pacesetter in the healthcare industry. In its ongoing effort to make it easier for patients with a wide variety of needs to obtain an accurate dose, DoseLogix has been unrelenting in pursuing new technologies and innovation. Patients, doctors and compounding pharmacists have shown their appreciation with enthusiastic, word-of-mouth endorsements.

Peace of Mind Dosing™

10 yearsTopi-CLICK was revealed as the most accurate topical metered dosing dispenser compared to other dispensers in an independent study* by Analytical Research Laboratories in Oklahoma City, Okla. “Overall Topi-CLICK performed with remarkable precision and accuracy compared to the other dispensers,” the report concluded.


10 yearsInnovatively designed, Topi-CLICK dispensers provide easy-to-use built-in applicators that eliminate transference issues with hands and assures Peace-of-Mind™ dosing from start to finish. The combination of audible, visual and tactile clicks makes it easy for patients to accurately dose medications. Receiving an accurate dose should never be left to guesswork, which is why DoseLogix designed Topi-CLICK in the first place: your peace of mind.


10 yearsProviding an automated consistent dose throughout a patient’s regimen,Topi-CLICK reduces user-variability and provides Viscosity Assurance™ by reducing device output variability caused by each formulation.

Our Goal

As DoseLogix continues to fine-tune the best topical applicator on the market, and add new products, it remains committed to its core mission: improving people’s lives. Our continuous pursuit of new technologies and innovation offers the promise of a better tomorrow.

*To request a copy of the independent study:

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September 17th, 2018

Eliminate 1mL syringes with the NEW Topi-CLICK® Micro™. Topi-CLICK® Micro™ is the accurate topical micro-dosing that saves time and money in the pharmacy.

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